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How to View Entries in GravityForms


How to View Entries in GravityForms

When a visitor on your site fills out a form, a notification of the new entry should be automatically sent into your email inbox.

Most times, clients want to view all entries for a specific form, or they want to confirm that they have received all entries.

In order to view all your entries, your first step is to log into the back-end of your WordPress site. If you do not know how to login, view this article here.

Once you are logged in, on the left-hand side Control Panel, you will choose the option that says Forms.


Click this option and it should bring you to a new page that lists all the Forms created on your site.

Find the Form you want to see all the Entries for. Hover over the form and a sub-menu should appear.

Click on the option Entries and you should see all entries associated with that form.



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