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How To Create and Manage a Supplemental Listing


How To Create and Manage a Supplemental Listing

When you are managing listings on your site, sometimes you will need to manually enter a listing that is not affiliated with your MLS. 

IDXBroker allows for clients to manually enter any listing that is not showing under the Active or Sold/Pending categories. This category of manually-entered listings is known as Supplemental.

First thing you need to do is log into your IDXBroker account and head over to Listings > Supplemental > Create.


The first option you must fill out when entering a Supplemental listing is to assign it to a specific MLS.


Assigning a Supplemental listing to an MLS will NOT be affected (or affect) the data from any MLS. Supplemental listings are only set up on your site and do not query data from anywhere else.

Continue to fill out the rest of the information for the listing. Remember, the more information you fill out, the more information will be available for potential leads.

As you can see, there is not a section to add images yet. IDXBroker has designed their Supplemental listings to add images after the listing has been recorded into your account.

When you are all done, click the Add Property button at the bottom.


The listing has now been recorded into your IDXBroker account.

To add images, you will now need to go back to your Supplemental listings (Listings > Supplemental > Manage) and find the listing you want to add images for.


Once you find your Supplemental listing, on the right-hand side are several Tool icons. Choose the Edit Listing Data icon.


You should now see an option to Add Property Photos.


Click this icon and a new window should appear showing all photos attached to the listing. If there is no images, then a screen similar to below should appear. Click New Image to add images.


A pop-up window will now appear giving you three options -


First option - Add Files: Click this button to select the images from your computer you want to add to the Supplemental listing. You can only choose up to 10 at a time and each individual image can not be larger than 1 MB file size.

Second option - Start Upload: Once you have chosen you images you want to add, they will be sitting in the queue waiting to be uploaded. Click this button to upload all the images you selected onto the property. If you skip this step, then the images will not be uploaded.

Third option - Cancel Upload: If you began uploading the images and decided you want to choose different images, you can click this option and it will cancel the upload.

Once you have uploaded your images, your new listing should be all set up to display on your site.

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