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Widget - Build Link


Widget - Build Link

Instead of starting from scratch and building new search criteria for each property widget, IDX Broker allows you to copy the search criteria from an existing search into the widget to use the same criteria. This can be a huge time saver. Here's how it's done.

NOTE: If you don't have any existing Saved Links, you should be using a Custom Search widget.

To copy the search criteria from a Saved link, navigate to Designs -> Saved Links -> Manage


Once you locate the saved link that you would like to copy, select the Edit  icon


Make sure that you have the Search Criteria tab selected and then click the View Results in New Window button.


Select the entire url from the address bar and copy it.


Once you have the link copied, you can paste it into a text editor or keep it in your clipboard and navigate within the  IDX Broker dashboard to:
Designs--> Widgets--> Create:


Step 1:

Select the type of widget you would like to create and then select "Build (Copy & Paste) Link" from the Properties to Feature drop-down.


Step 2:

Paste the URL you copied from the previous window


Once you've set the criteria of your search, you can finish the last steps of sizing and naming your widget.

When you are done, simply Build Widget.

Remember that you can always come back and edit the widget at a later time to customize it further.

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