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Widget - Map Search


Widget - Map Search

The Map Search widget allows you to place an interactive Map Search utility on any page of your website. You can make this map small enough to fit in a sidebar, or big enough to fill your whole homepage. It functions just like your Map Search page with map markers for properties and filtering criteria, but offers the freedom of portability as a widget. To create a Map Search widget, select Designs in the main menu, Widgets in the submenu, and Create from the drop-down menu.


Step 1

Choose Map Search from the drop-down menu of available widgets.


Step 2 - Widget Options

Here is where you will customize your Map Search Widget.


Choose a Name for your widget. This name is for your reference only and will not show up on your website. Set the width and height, in pixels, for your widget. You will also see several more default map options that you can customize like pricecenter point, and map type. You will only choose an MLS if you have more than one MLS attached to your account.

Specify the URL for the page on the website where you are going to display the widget. Make sure you have the correct URL in here to ensure the map search widget functions properly. Your homepage is put in the gray box automatically, so if this Map Search widget is going to be displayed on your homepage, you can leave this box blank.

You can also enable Map Pin Clustering for this map search widget. See this article for more information about Map Pin Clustering.

After you are done customizing your options, select Build Widget. You will be able to edit any of these fields later if you need to make changes.


Step 3 - Widget Code

This last step displays your Map Search widget code. Simply copy the code displayed here, and paste it into the HTML of the webpage where you would like it to appear. There may also be a second snippet of code you will need to add to your header to reference the map provider's library. Copy this portion of code and place it above the map script. The best place for this additional JS code is in the <head> section of the HTML for your website, but if you have not access to that, placing it immediately above the actual map script should work.
NOTE: If you do not know how to access the HTML in your website or are unsure where to place the Map Search widget code within the HTML, please contact your website designer or the support team of the company who is providing you with the tools to edit your website for further assistance.


Note about multiple instances: As with all widgets, if you intend to use this widget in more than one location on your website (for instance both in the sidebar and in the main body) you should create a second widget of the same type for the secondary location. Using the same widget instance more than once on the same page can cause display errors.

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