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Using IMPress for IDX Broker Wordpress Shortcodes


Using IMPress for IDX Broker Wordpress Shortcodes

If you are using the IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress Plugin, you have the options of using shortcodes to add IDX Broker content on any of your pages or posts.
If you don't yet have it, follow these instructions to install the IMPress for IDX plugin.

In a page or post select the IDX Shortcode button.


A dialog pops up for you to select the content that you would like to add to your post.


While this dialog is up you can select the following IDX content to add to your post.


  • Add IDX Broker external links to this post.


  • Embed widget content directly into your post.
  • You can create new widgets in IDX Broker to add to your site via this plugin.
  • IMPress specific widgets are also available.

Omnibar Search

  • Add an easy property search bar to any page on your site.
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