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Widget - Walkscore


Widget - Walkscore

Provided in each IDX Broker account is a Walk Score® widget that you can enable on your detail pages. This provides additional information about the area around the property and the amenities nearby.


The Walk Score number at the top of the widget will show you the overall score or walkability. This is a 0-100 scale that describes how easy it is to walk from the listed property to essential services, like restaurants, parks, schools, etc. Below the overall score is a list of distances to specific locations of interest.

What information does Walk Score provide?

Walk Score takes data available for any area, and produces a number score between 0 and 100 based on the nearby resources, features and attractions. With Walk Score you can provide information about neighborhood restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, schools, parks, and more. You can also provide your customers with a commute report so they can see options for getting around by car, bus, bike, and foot. 


  • The Walk Score widget is dynamically sized. If you set the height of the widget below 550 pixels, it will display in a tabbed configuration.


Here is more information about enabling Walk Score.

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