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Global Preferences - Details Page


Global Preferences - Details Page

To customize the default settings for your IDX property details pages, click the Preferences button in the main menu, Global Preferences in the submenu, and select the Details tab.

Here, you have the following options:

  • Show Empty Detail Data - Default is No
    • An MLS may provide fields not commonly used by listing agents. Fields with no values associated with them can clutter your property details page. If you would prefer to display any field that has "0" or null value, you can show these "empty" fields by switching this preference to Yes.
  • Map Property Type - Here you can choose which map provider you would like to use on the property Details page. 
  • Default Walkscore View - Default is Google Map
    • Here you may select how the Walkscore map displays upon load.
  • Walkscore Sizes - You may select a pixel width and height, or drop down the px to choose a responsive % of the full width.

For maps like Walkscore you can choose to use the paid, ad-free version that we provide. If you have a Walkscore account you can add your custom publisher key to track the map usage.

  • Map Property Location - This drop-down selects where on the Details page the Map should appear in relation to the other page content.
    • "After Field Containers" will display the map below all your property Details fields and above any contact forms or the MLS disclaimer text.
    • "Before Field Containers" will display the map below the property Description and above the Details fields.
  • Details Page Contact Form - Here you can choose which type of contact form you would like to display at the bottom of your property details page.
  • Bankrate tool - This radio button enables or disables the estimated payment tool to be displayed on the details pages. This tool pulls listing information and uses to approximate a monthly payment for the detailed property.
  • GreatSchools - Here you are provided the option to display the school information described here.

When you are done customizing your settings, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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