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Page Layouts

In IDX Broker you can change the template used for most of your IDX Broker pages. The template determines the basic look and layout of your page. Select different page templates by clicking Designs in the main menu and Pages in the submenu.


Choose which page for which you would like to change the layout, then click Edit under the Layout column.


This link will take you to the Layout Gallery where you can choose a different layout for your page. At the top you will see a thumbnail and description of the layout you are currently using for this page. You can change both the layout and the version of the template, should you want to update the template or roll back to a previous version.


Below this are further options of additional Layouts to choose from. Click on Activate to select a different layout. You can view this layout immediately on your live IDX pages. This change will have no effect on the content of your pages, so you can easily change it back, or preview some other layout, without worrying about the data being affected.

You can further customize any of these layouts by using the Custom CSS section of your Control Panel. See this article for more information about the Custom CSS section.

You can also view this 

about setting the layout for results pages.

Please view this 

 for setting the layout for search pages.

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