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Dashboard Widgets


Dashboard Widgets

Your Dashboard is the first screen you will see each time you log into your IDX Broker control panel. To get back to your Dashboard click the Home button in the main menu, and Dashboard in the submenu.


Dashboard Widgets

Your account Dashboard is a general overview of the activity on your account. You can customize your Dashboard with Widgets. Each widget will show you a different piece of information about your account. The widgets available for display on your Dashboard are:

  • Email Updates - View a summary of the email updates going out to your leads.
  • Featured Property Status - View how many available agent slots you are currently using, and how many you have left.
  • Quick Links - View any Quick Links you have set up. Quick Links are shortcuts to specific pages in your control panel. It is handy to add Quick Links to areas of your control panel that you visit often.
  • Feature Alerts - Any news about new features added to IDX Broker will feed here.
  • Tips and Tricks - This widget will be updated with tips, shortcuts, and useful information about using your control panel.
  • MLS Info - View a list of the MLS on your account, the date and time of their last data update, and the date and time email updates were sent out.
  • Emails Sent - A graph displaying the number of email updates sent out to your leads spanning the last 30 days.
  • Site Navigation - Links to some of the popular IDX pages available to you in your control panel. To see all page links available, click the All pages link in the bottom right corner of the widget.
  • Account Notes - The last 5 Notes added to your account. A note will be added to your account when certain account activity occurs or settings have been changed.
  • Traffic Stats - An overall summary of the amount of traffic your IDX pages are receiving.
  • Most Recent Leads - The names and email addresses of your newest leads.
  • Most Popular Pages - A graph displaying your IDX pages that get the most visitors.
  • Features and Notices - The most recent notifications added to your account. These notices include new feature notifications, changes to your MLS data, and more.

Organize Widgets

You can add, remove, and re-order the widgets on your Dashboard.

To add a widget, click the Add a widget link in the top right corner of the Dashboard.


To remove a widget, click the small X in the top right corner of any widget box.


To re-order the widgets on your Dashboard, click anywhere in the header of a widget, and drag it to the desired location. The header area of a widget is shown below.


Docking Widgets

Some of the widgets can also be docked in the bar at the bottom of your control panel. Docked widgets are then available for quick access from any page of your IDX Control Panel. If a widget can be docked, you will see a small V symbol in the top right corner of the widget. Clicking it will add the widget to your dock. Once a widget is docked, that symbol will change to a ^ symbol. Click this symbol to remove the widget from the dock.


To view a widget in your dock, simply click its icon:


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