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Installing the IMPress for IDX Broker Plugin


Installing the IMPress for IDX Broker Plugin

This tutorial should help you get our plugin installed and tie your IDX content into your WordPress site.
First we need the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin.

Get the Plugin

This can be found at the above link, or in the WordPress repository, so login to WordPress and select Plugins, and “add new”.


Perform a search for IDX Broker. It should look like this one. Just “Install Now”.


Then select “okay” and Activate the plugin.

Congrats, it’s installed. Now let’s put it to work.

Connect the Plugin

Go back to your WordPress dashboard and select IMPress and Initial Settings.


We need to tell the plugin from which account to pull in the IDX information, so keep this window open and open your IDX Broker account in another window.
In IDX Broker, navigate to Home -> API Control. In big, bold green letters is your api key.


Go ahead and copy this and go back to your WordPress dashboard.


Paste the API key into the provided box.


Now your IDX Broker account is speaking to WordPress. That’s it. Now you can enjoy the integration of your IDX Broker content in WordPress.


The latest versions of the plugin do not support versions of PHP lower than 5.3. Please contact imForza if you encounter issues. 

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