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Global Preferences - Results Page


Global Preferences - Results Page

To customize the default settings for your IDX search results pages, navigate to Preferences -> Global Preferences, and select the Results tab.


Your options here include:

Property Photo

 - Default is Yes, Use thumbnail images if available from your MLS.  

  • This uses smaller thumbnail images on results pages and widgets to speed up page load.
  • Selecting 'No' will use the full size images provided by your MLS, instead of the thumbnails. This is best if you notice that images on your site appear distorted or stretched.


Refinement Search

 - Default is "Only When Maximum Results Exceeded".

  • The refinement search is a limited set of search options to narrow the existing results. 
  • This may be set to never display, or it can be set to always show. 


Virtual Tours & Open Houses

 - Default is "All Virtual Tours and All Open Houses". 

  • This turns on the ability to show some or all open houses and virtual tours.  
  • You can choose to have just those for your agent's or office's shown, or none.


Featured Properties 

Default is Yes.

  • This displays your featured and/or supplemental listings at the top of IDX search results.
  • Selecting 'No' on Featured will mix your listings within the rest of the results.
  • Selecting 'No' on Supplemental will completely remove your Supplemental listings from your site.


Results Setting

 - Default is 50 properties per page and 200 character limit on remarks display.

  • This determines how many properties to display per search results page.  
  • You can also set the number of characters to display in each property's public remarks.  


Once you've chosen all of your preferences, click Save Changes.


  • What if my featured property doesn't show up at the top of search results? - Property listings are pulled per the search criteria before the Featured Listings are sorted to the top. This means that if any of your Featured Listings aren't pulled in the first 500 results, they will not display at the top of the list.
  • Where is my Polygon search? - On Platinum Only accounts a polygon refinement is available on the map above the results. This polygon refinement is tied to the Refinement Search and will only display if this option is enabled.
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