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Getting Started with idxFORZA


Getting Started with idxFORZA

imFORZA is a preferred partner for IDX Broker, and after building many websites with IDX Broker, we decided to offer our own replacement plugin to use in place of the IMPress for IDX Broker plugin. We call it idxFORZA!


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access to idxFORZA?

Currently idxFORZA is only available to clients hosted with imFORZA.

Does it work with IDX Broker Lite?

Yes, it will work with IDX Broker Lite and Platinum.

How do I import or update Images for a Property?

idxFORZA imports all properties and photos from your IDX Broker account. In your WordPress Admin, find the listing you want to update then click on the "edit in IDX Broker" link. From there you can click on the "Edit Images" link in your IDX Broker account.

How about Video or 3D embed support?

IDX Broker also has a virtual tour field that should be used:

Alternatively, you can use the remarks field to add a iframe for any video.

How do I edit option to add the photos back in, change status, change price, etc.

All properties are edited via IDX Broker, just click on the "Edit in IDX Broker" link for the property.

How fast do Properties Update?

Property Updates have several factors. First, IDX Broker will update times for each MLS will differ, find your MLS within their mls coverage list to see the last update time. idxFORZA will update from your IDX Broker account every 12 hours, however you can hit the "Refresh/Import" button for any property type to update.

How does this plugin compare to IMPress Listings and IMPress for IDX Broker?

idxFORZA is still in beta, but already it has much more to offer. A full comparison list will be provided once the plugin is officially released.

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