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Featured IDs

Featured Properties are the listings that indicate you as the primary listing agent in the MLS. Single-Agent accounts have one agent whose listings are featured. Team or Office IDX Broker accounts can be upgraded to accommodate as many agents as you would like to feature. You can upgrade or downgrade the level of your IDX Broker account at any time from your control panel in the Upgrade Center.

Selecting your Featured ID(s) determines which agent listings will be featured on your site. Single-Agent accounts may have been configured when the Support Team set up your account. Check these settings from your dashboard by selecting Preferences in the main menu and Featured IDs in the submenu.


This page will let you assign an Agent or Office ID (or IDs) to your account for Featured Properties. If you signed up for a Single-Agent, Team Account, or have a small office, choose the Agent ID(s) button to continue. This will let you pick and choose the individuals that you will be featuring, up to the maximum number that your account allows. If you have a large office or several offices, it may benefit you to use the Office ID button to quickly pick the offices whose listings you'd like to feature. This will save you from having to select every single person individually.


Agent IDs

If you choose Agent IDs, you will see a list of agents from which to choose. Select the agents you would like to associate with your Featured Properties by selecting the checkboxes.



Office IDs

If you choose Office IDs, this will automatically select all the agents (up to the agent level in your account) connected to the Office ID(s) associated with your account. The Office ID(s) is/are attached to your account during the initial setup procedure by IDX Broker. If you need to change or update them, please contact the Support Team. If you select this option and believe the Featured Properties are not pulling up the correct listings, or not all of them, contact the Support Team.

*Note: If you select to have your Featured Listings pulled by Office ID and the total number of agents in those office(s) is more than the available spots you have in your IDX Broker account, the Control Panel will automatically select the first of them in alphabetical order up to your account maximum.

Once completed, you will be presented with a pop-up from where you may navigate to other parts of your IDX dashboard to complete any additional tasks.


You will need to complete these settings in order to populate your listings in your IDX control panel and on your public IDX pages. You will only need to complete these steps once. You can come back to these settings anytime to change the agents that you are featuring.


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