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Subheaders are a great way to add extra information to any IDX page, including Saved Links. Subheaders allow you to add headings, contact information, text, images, videos or any custom content to the top of your IDX pages. Any content entered into a subheader will display directly above the IDX content on the corresponding page(s). Subheaders are located in your IDX control panel under Designs in the main menu, and Subheaders in the submenu.


Subheader Levels

By default, you should see the Global Subheader settings load here first. You can access the other levels of subheader by clicking on "Categories", "Pages", or "Saved Links". 


  • Global - This level of subheader will apply to ALL IDX pages on your account.
  • Categories - These subheaders will apply to all IDX pages within a category that you choose (search pages, results pages, detail pages, etc.)

Note: The "Property Updates" Subheader in the Category list will appear at the top of the email that is automatically sent to your leads regarding new matches to their saved searches or properties.

  • Pages - Page level subheaders will apply only to the one individual IDX page that you choose.
  • Saved Links - These subheaders will apply only to the one individual Saved Link that you choose.

If you create a subheader in more than one level and both can potentially apply to the same page at once, they will both be displayed when that IDX page is viewed. For example if you create a subheader for the Search Category and another subheader for the Map Search page specifically, then both subheaders will appear on the Map Search page.

Subheader Types

Once you have chosen which level of Subheader you would like to create, choose which Subheader Type you want to work with using these options:


  • Desktop - Subheaders that display on a computer browser (most common).
  • Mobile - Subheaders that display only when your IDX pages are viewed on a mobile device.
  • Printable - Subheaders that display only in the printable version of one of your Details pages. The printable versions are accessible from a link on the details page. Note: this option is inaccessible unless you are editing the Details Page Subheader in either Category or Page level.

Customize Your Subheader

Use the text editor provided to enter in text, images, links, etc. If you would like to add HTML to your subheader, you can click the Turn WYSIWYG Off button to edit the raw subheader HTML. 

To embed an image into your sub-header press the "Insert/edit image" button .

To embed a YouTube video into your sub-header see these instructions.


In the Categories and Pages sections you will see a left sidebar listing all the available categories or pages to which you can add a subheader. If you have already added a subheader to any of them, it will be indicated by an icon. "C"  indicates a Category level subheader is applied in this Category, "P"  indicates a Page level subheader is applied, and "S"  indicates a Saved Link subheader. 


When you are finished creating your subheader, click Save Changes. View one of your IDX pages to see your subheader in action!

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