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Mobile Headers

Subheaders are a great way to add additional custom content to your IDX pages. By using subheaders for your IDX Mobile pages you can add that same content, or tailor new content, just for your visitors on their mobile devices. 

NOTE: The mobile header functionality must be turned on in your IDX Broker account.

If you use subheaders to create lots of text content for your IDX pages, you can use the mobile subheader to summarize your text and save space on the smaller mobile screen. You can also use mobile subheaders to embed unique Google Analytics tracking code if you want to track your mobile pages differently from your desktop IDX pages.

See this article for more information about Subheaders.

Subheaders are located in your IDX control panel under Designs in the main menu, and Sub-headers in the submenu.


Select the subheader level you would like to work with: Global, Categories, Pages, or Saved Links. See the main subheader article for an explanation of these levels. 

Select "Mobile" as your type of subheader to be edited (if you are creating a subheader other than global, you will need to select the subheader from the options on the left before you can select Mobile.)


Use the text editor provided to enter in text, images, links, etc. If you would like to add HTML to your subheader, you can click the Turn WYSIWYG Off button to edit the raw subheader HTML. 


To embed an image into your subheader press the "Insert/edit image" button .

To embed a YouTube video into your sub-header see these instructions.

When you're finished creating your mobile subheader click "Save Changes" and view your mobile subheader with any smart phone or tablet.


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