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Advanced Search Fields and Layouts


Advanced Search Fields and Layouts

There are two types of fields available for display on your search pages - basic fields and advanced fields.

  • Basic Fields or "core fields" are search fields that appear at the top of your search pages and include city, county, postal code, price, property subtype, status, bedrooms, bathrooms, square feet, and acres.
  • Advanced Fields display underneath the Search and Reset buttons on your search pages and include all additional search fields available from your MLS. These fields can include Area, Subdivision, Waterfront, Foreclosure, or a number of other things.

To customize your Basic Fields, see this article.

To customize the display of the advanced fields on your IDX search pages, click Designs in the main menu, and Pages in the submenu.


Here, you will see a list of all IDX page links available to you. Your Search Pages are grouped together at the top of this list. Find the search page you would like to customize, and click "Fields" under the Customize column. (Since there are no Advanced Fields on the Address search or Listing ID search there is no "Fields" link for those pages.) The page titles can be customized, so don't worry if your screen doesn't show the same page options as this screenshot.


You will be taken to an area of your control panel that will walk you through customizing your advanced fields.

  1. If you have multiple MLS on your account, choose the MLS you would like to work with.
  2. Choose a property type from that MLS that you would like to customize.
  3. Click View Settings to display the default layout of fields on your advanced search.


Here you will see two columns of advanced search fields as they display on your IDX search pages. Use this screen to customize your advanced fields.

Search Field Settings

Using the Tools icons you can further customize the display of the data in this field. You can make lists more interactive by expanding them, or filter options that have unwanted characters, and more:

  • Remove a field from appearing on your search page by clicking the Trash icon 
  • Rearrange fields by dragging and dropping them using the Drag icon  , much like the modules on your Dashboard.
  • Change the size of a field with the Resize buttons 
  • Clean up the displayed options in a field by clicking the Settings icon 
  • Specify which items will be selected on default by clicking the  icon.

Search Types

Each advanced field has its own drop-down menu you can use to change the search type. Below is a description of each search type available.


  • List - This search type is available whenever the MLS data for this field is provided in a finite number of possible options. This is the most common advanced search type used. When selected, the user is presented with a list of options from which they can choose one or multiple items.
  • Quick List - This will give the user a text box to type their search. Any options that match their search as they're typing will appear in the drop-down.
  • Keyword - Use "Keyword" when you want to allow the user to match listings to any of the search terms they use. For example, searching for "Sherwood Village North" will include all properties that have the word "Sherwood" (Sherwood, Sherwood City, etc.) and also all properties that have the word "Village" (South Village, Village in the Oaks, etc.), and all properties with the word "North" in them. This brings up the broadest results and is the most commonly used to get the best results. You can even group several words together by wrapping them in double quotes and separating the rest of the keywords with spaces.
  • Yes/No - The user is given 2 choices from which they can choose only one, 'yes' or 'no'. This type of search will only match data fields that have values of "yes" or "no" in the feed.
  • Minimum - For numeric data only. The user can type in a number and the search will only return properties whose data is a number equal to or greater than the number entered.
  • Maximum - For numeric data only. The user can type in a number and the search will only return properties whose data is a number equal to or less than the number entered.
  • Min/Max - For numeric data only. The user is given both minimum and maximum fields so that they can choose a range of values.
  • Text - Use "Text" when you want the user to search for the exact value in the field. For example, if the user searches for "N Sherwood Village" in a subdivision field, only listings with that exact phrase in their Subdivision will show in the results. "North Sherwood Village" will not be included in the results for that search.
    • Note: "Text" search is NOT case-sensitive, so "SHERWOOD VILLAGE", or "sherWoOd VillAge" will return the same results.
  • Wild Text - Use "Wild Text" when you want to allow the user to search for partial value in the field. For example, Searching for "Sherwood Village" would bring up all listings that have both the words "Sherwood" and "Village" in them. This would include listings in "North Sherwood Village" but not ones in "Sherwood Vil."
    • Note: If you would like to put the Remarks field into your Advanced search layout, always use "Wild Text" for the best results.


Finding and Adding Additional Fields

If you do not see a field that you would like to have as part of your Search page, you may find it in the list of Additional Fields on the right side of this screen.


The box with the scroll bar shows all the additional fields sent from the MLS that are available to be added into your search page. The number next to the "Advanced Fields" label shows how many fields there are to choose from. To add a field click on the green plus symbol next to the field name. You can choose to add new fields to the top or bottom of the list to make rearranging them easier.

To quickly find what you're looking for you can use the Filter Fields box to type the name of a field, or the Sort List Alphabetically if the list gets disorganized.

Removed fields will always return to this list.


Still Can't Find The Field You Want?

Your Search page can contain fields provided through your MLS IDX feed. In some cases, the MLS IDX feed will differ from the fields displayed on the MLS website, or their search tools. If this is the case, either the MLS has recently updated their IDX fields and those fields are not mapped within IDX Broker yet, or the MLS has chosen not to include the field in their IDX feed per their IDX policy.


If you are curious about a particular field you are not seeing, contact the Support Team to ask them about that field and whether it can be added:

  1. Contact IDX Broker Support by opening a ticket. If the field is available, we can map our data to the field. Unfortunately, we do not always receive notice that a new, important field has been added so we depend on clients for this information.
  2. Contact your MLS directly. Ask them to update their IDX feed to include the field you would like to have added. This assumes that the field can be made available per the MLS rules.


Revert Layout

Your account comes with default layouts for all of the Property types. If you make changes to these fields layouts and are unhappy with them and want to start over, you can do so with the Revert To Default MLS Layout button. You can revert one Property type at a time, or all Property types.


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