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Troubleshoot Missing Listings


Troubleshoot Missing Listings

When a property is listed on the MLS and is set for Internet display, the data becomes available for vendors like IDX Broker. When our system reaches out to the MLS server, we pull in this data and make it available for your website. If you input a property into the MLS and it does not display as you expect, here are some troubleshooting steps that you can take.

Is the Property Elsewhere on the Site?

Visit the Listing ID search page from IDX Broker. If you can't locate it by the listing ID, double check with an address search. Occasionally the format of the MLS ID will be slightly different, like an omission of a dash.


If the property can be found on your site in a listing id search or address search, then you probably just have an incorrect Featured ID attached to your account.

Check the Featured ID

If your property is showing on your website, but just not on your Featured pages or widgets, follow these instructions to correctly set the Featured ID on your account.


Are You the Primary Agent?

IDX Broker only assigns Featured IDs by the primary selling agent. If you are a co-listing agent or if it you are the buyer agent, we will not recognize this as your listing.

Is the Property Active?

IDX Broker currently only pulls active listings, and not historic data from the MLS. If this property is off market, we will not be able to access the data and you may need to add this as a supplemental listing to allow it to be shown on your website.

Has There Been Enough time?

IDX Broker updates most MLS on a daily basis. If you added the property less than 24 hours ago, please be patient and we should pick this property up shortly to display on your site.

If Nothing Else Works:

Before you call support or send in an email, one of the first steps that we will take is to make sure that this property is available on other IDX sites. To give us a head start, please perform an Internet search for your property to see if it is being picked up by by other IDX services. Keep in mind that a standard Internet search won't tell the entire story, but it may help to track down the issue. To perform this search, just open a browser and search for idx and your MLS number, like "IDX 8675309".

If you find no solution after troubleshooting all of the above issues, there may be a problem with us reaching your MLS. Please contact us and we will investigate and work hard to provide you with the best service and most accurate data available.

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