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Troubleshoot Listing Syndication


Troubleshoot Listing Syndication

Syndication is one of the features that we provide for no additional cost. Please make sure to check out our Syndicate Your Listings article for more information.

If your properties are not being syndicated properly, please consider the following:

Syndication files have to be submitted manually.

In most cases you must have an account with that service.

Syndication is updated only once a day.

We update the syndication files every evening. It means that there will always be at least 24 hours delay, depending on the MLS.

Not all properties are being syndicated.

Some services, for example Zillow/Trulia, reject the whole feed if timeshare or seasonal rentals are included. It is recommended that you refrain from using terms like "timeshare", "seasonal rental" or "commercial" in the listing description. These services also require an address and that address must be in the United States. Unfortunately, we cannot always work around non-documented "features" like this. In some cases we will strip Commercial or Business Opportunity listings from the feed before syndication to avoid some of these issues.

Not all MLS allow syndication.

If this is the case, we will display a notice on the syndication page.

An MLS may provide incorrect contact information.

As a workaround, we use the first available contact information in this order:

  • MLS data, including Agent and Office resources - If your MLS doesn't accurately provide this information, then you will need to enter an Agent ID and email address manually. See below.
  • Individual agent and office profile information in the account - Please make sure that you have set the Featured IDs and that every agent and office have the correct Agent ID and Office ID assigned respectively.
  • Account contact information - You can see it under Account -> Account Info.

Some MLS do not provide any Agent/Office information.

In this case we cannot syndicate listings on your behalf. More information about MLS restrictions.

If you still cannot resolve the issue, please contact your developer partner (if you have one) and the syndication service that won't accept the syndication feed. Once you've ruled out any of the exceptions listed above you should contact our Support team so that we can determine why your listings are not being syndicated.

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