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Troubleshoot IMPress Plugin


Troubleshoot IMPress Plugin

The IMPress for IDX Broker plugin is a great way to integrate IDX into your WordPress site. If you encounter issues or it is not working as expected, check here to get troubleshooting tips.

Troubleshooting the Omnibar


My cities, counties, and postal codes are not updating when I hit the Refresh Plugin Options button. How do I get them to update?

  • Cities, Counties, and Postal codes are stored in a JSON file after hitting Refresh Plugin Options. Confirm that your web server has permissions to write to JSON files. Your website host should be able to confirm this.

 When I click search, the page refreshes instead of a search being performed.

  • This can happen if you've added custom fields that are already defaults for the Omnibar.
  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Go to IDX IMPress -> Omnibar Settings
  3. If you see any of the fields (City, County, Postal Code, Address, or Listing ID) in the Custom Fields section, remove those items and save changes.
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