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Setting Up a Custom Domain


Setting Up a Custom Domain

Step 1 - Create CNAME Record on Nameserver

Log into your website host or domain registrar. This is probably whomever you purchased your domain name from.

Create a CNAME record pointing your subdomain address to '' (without the quotes). This CNAME is typically a short word, like search, or homes.

Here is help for some popular hosting services.


NOTE: It is recommended to wait one day between Step 1 and Step 2. This will give your new CNAME record time to propagate across the Internet.

Step 2 - Point your IDX Broker pages to the new location

Enter your new custom domain in your IDX Control Panel, on the Account > Account Info page:


Here you will see a section called Subdomain/Domain Control. Your standard IDX subdomain is on the left and your Custom Domain settings are on the right.

Set Use Custom Domain to Yes.
Enter in the CNAME from step 1 into the Custom Subdomain field.



  • What is a Subdomain?- Read this article for an explanation of subdomains and how it can help your website.
  • Why do my pages show up with -IDX Broker on a Google search? This is not something that IDX is adding to your page title, but rather a feature of Google when they encounter the default domain of When you set up a subdomain for your IDX service, this should be corrected.
  • How do I check if my CNAME is set up correctly?- Once you set the toggle to "Yes" and add your custom domain, you will see a notification about the status of your CNAME record. Any errors will show a red X and a message explaining the error. If your subdomain is setup properly, the domain field will flash green, and display a green checkmark with a success message.
  • What about a "A" Name Record? - Because the set of IP addresses associated with IDX Broker can change over time, you should never create an "A" record with any specific IP address.
  • What do I need to do after I switch over to a custom subdomain?- After switching to a custom subdomain, you'll need to make sure that you update any existing IDX links on your website or IDX global wrapper with your new IDX links using your custom subdomain. Typically, this can be accomplished with a find & replace.
  • What about a www subdomain? If you're attempting to use "www" as your custom subdomain, you'll also need to verify that your own homepage continues to function. If you have been using the www prefix in other places, including what's on file for your IDX account, and then set up a different CNAME record, you may experience some website issues.
  • Can I speed up indexing? Your IDX pages will now begin to be indexed organically by "Google Bot" and other search engine crawlers. If you would like to help Google find you faster, you can verify your ownership of the subdomain with Google Webmaster Tools. See this article for instructions about how to verify your subdomain.
  • If you have any questions about the SEO value of a subdomain vs a subdirectory, see this article and video from Google here.
  • Can I setup multiple subdomains? While you may setup and use multiple subdomains on your primary website, like blog. search. and support., IDX Broker only supports a single subdomain for our service. All of the IDX Broker pages will be housed under the subdomain specified in the account settings.
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