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Custom City Lists


Custom City Lists

You can set up a custom list of cities, counties or postal codes for use on any of your search pages or Quicksearch widgets, and order those lists in any way you choose. To set up your custom lists, click Preferences in the main menu, City/County/Postal Code Lists in the submenu, and select Create in the dropdown menu.


Step 1: Choose which type of list

Here simply choose city, county, or postal codes to create an appropriate list.


Step 2 - Choose your locations

This is where you will choose which items display in your custom list. The box on the left will display what you currently have in your custom list. On the right side of the screen, you'll find tools for adding items to your list individually or in bulk. Once you have added items to your list, you can remove items from the list by clicking the checkboxes next to each item you would like to remove, and then clicking Remove Selected. You can select items in your list in bulk by using the Select drop-down menu right below your list on the left side of the screen.


Use the Sort drop-down menu to choose a sorting order for your list. Choosing Custom sorting will bring up a pop-up box with a tool you can use to drag-and-drop items in your list to place them in a specific sorting order of your choosing.

kb_customCity04.pngWhen you are done configuring your custom list, click Update Order.

To continue, select Finalize and Continue.


Step 3 - Name your list

This is where you will name and save your custom list. You have two options. To save your list as a new list, use the box on the left to type in a name for your custom list (examples - "Oregon Cities" or "Coastal Counties"), and click Save New List. To overwrite a list you have already saved previously in your account, use the dropdown menu on the right to select the name of the list you would like to overwrite, and click Overwrite Old ListNote: You can not revert an overwritten list back to its previous state.


That's it. You have just saved a custom list!

Step 4 - Apply your list

If you would like to start using this list on existing search pages, just hit the button titled "Apply to Search Pages".


Here you can assign this list to any search pages that you choose.


To assign custom lists to your IDX search pages, please see this article on customizing basic fields displayed on your search pages.

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