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SEO Settings for Search and Results


SEO Settings for Search and Results

Title and meta tags can tell visitors and search engines more about each individual IDX search page or the standard results page. There are several benefits to adding dynamic URLs, title, and meta tags to your IDX Broker pages:

  • Less duplicate content provided to search engines. Search engines are more likely to crawl sites that offer unique web pages. If title and meta tags for IDX pages are all alike, the search engines will be less likely to crawl each page link.
  • More accurate descriptive text for pages that are indexed with search engines. In Google results, the meta description tag provides about 160 characters of descriptive page text. If this text contains more information about your area and business on the page, the visitor may be more likely to click through the browser search result.

NOTE: Currently the only results page that allows for customization is the default dynamic results page, not any of the predefined results pages, like Featured or Supplemental.

To customize SEO Settings for pages, select Designs in the main menu, and Pages in the submenu.


Find the Page link, and click "Edit" under the Preferences column.


On the Page Preferences screen, click the SEO Settings tab.


Page URL

This allows you to change the URL of this page. You can change the default URL to anything that you would like. Please note that this change does affect the actual location of the page and this may break any links that point to this page.

Page Name

This box allows you to change the name associated with this page in IDX Broker. You should name it something that makes it easy for you to recognize.

Title Text and Meta Tags

The title of your page is used by browsers to find your content. It is also displayed in the title bar of a browser. This title is not tied to the actual link and can be more descriptive of this specific page.

Use plain text in the description and keyword fields to create unique and relevant content. Meta description tags aren't used for search engines to locate your site, but they are very important to encourage actual people to click on your site, instead of your competitor's. The description box should contain prose, ideally 150 to 160 words, that describes the content on this webpage. This is your chance to write a couple of short paragraphs that advertise your site. Keywords can be specific words or phrases that can be used in a relevant search. Keywords are comma separated.


Once you have set up your SEO Tags, you should be able to see them in action by viewing the source code of one of your changed pages.

Note: Your Global Wrapper must already contain title, meta keyword, and meta description tags in the <head> section in order to be replaced dynamically. Additionally, these meta tags must not have any line breaks in them. Each element must be its own single continuous line in the HTML.

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