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Customize Property Detail Page


Customize Property Detail Page

A powerful feature available in IDX Broker is the ability to customize the layout of the fields that display on your Property Details page. The Property Details page shows all of the specific information about a single listing. You can not only hide or rearrange certain fields from the Details page, you can also create new sections and categories for the fields if you would like to group them together in specific ways.

In your IDX control panel, click Designs in the main menu, and Pages in the submenu.


Click the "Fields" link for the details page.


The next page presents these steps:


Step 1 - Choose which MLS you would like to work with.
Step 2 - Choose which property type within that MLS you would like to customize.
Step 3 - Click View Settings to display your details page layout.


You are now ready to customize the data fields on your Details page. Here you will see the current field layout of your details page in the boxes on the left, and the available fields you can add in the list on the right. By default, we attempt to include all the available fields from the MLS into the Details page layout.

Your data fields are grouped in Containers, there are usually two default containers called "Basic Features" and "Advanced Features". To create a new container, click Add new field container toward the top of the screen. To customize a container, click it to highlight it in green. Add or change the title to your container using the Container Title box. To remove a container, click the trash icon in the top right corner of the container.kb_detailFields01.png

To add a field to your container, choose it from the list on the right or any other container and drag and drop it into the container of your choice. You can also click the plus sign to the right of the field from the Available Fields list to add it to the container that is currently highlighted.


To find a field quickly, you can use the Filter Fields box to search for a particular term in a field, like "waterfront". You can also use the Add All Fields to New Container button to automatically place all of the fields appearing in the list into a new container in your layout.


You can reorder fields within containers by dragging and dropping them into the order you would like.  You can also drag entire containers to move them around and re-order them on your page. Just click the icon to the left of your title box, and drag and drop the container to your desired location.


By using all of these tools available in your Details Page layout editor, you can re-order and group your fields a configuration that fits your needs.

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