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Syndicate Your Listings


Syndicate Your Listings

New rules from the Zillow Group disallow manual input into their system, but you can still syndicate to these outlets through your IDX Broker account.

Your IDX Broker account includes several syndication tools for publishing your listings on third-party real estate search websites. To access these tools, click Listings in the main menu, and Syndication in the submenu.


Here you will see many syndication options. IDX Broker will generate XML feeds tailored to meet the specifications of many third party websites. Additionally, there are standard and advanced RSS feeds. To activate any of these feeds, just click the link in the Enabled column from n (no) to y (yes).


Once activated, your listings will be available to send to third party websites. A URL will be generated in your account after 24 hours. You can retrieve this link and manually submit to the website of your choice. This link can be found in the name column of the syndication page.

There is a link to instructions for manual submission next to each syndication destination. You will only need to submit the feed to each website one time to set up automatic listing syndication. The submission process for each site will be unique, and may change from time to time.

In most cases, once you have submitted your link, the syndication service will check that link for daily updates, and then no further action will be required from you.


Do my syndication feeds contain all listings from the MLS?

  • No, these feeds only contain your featured listings, which are any listings in the MLS that are associated with your agent ID.

I logged into my control panel and enabled all of the feeds. Is that all I need to do?

  • No, a URL will appear in your control panel after 24 hours. At that time, you will need to take that URL and submit it to the third party site. This is usually a one-time submission.

What if I have no active (featured) listings?

  • If you have no active listings, the system will not build your syndication feeds. Once you have active listings, the system will generate your feeds.

I want to submit my listings to a site that is not displayed on my Syndication Options page. How can I do this?

  • You can use your RSS feed to submit your listings to any other real estate search site that accepts listings via RSS. You will find the RSS feed at the top of your Syndication Options page in your control panel.

For additional help try our syndication troubleshooting article.

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