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Automatically Create Wordpress Dynamic Wrapper


Automatically Create Wordpress Dynamic Wrapper

The IMPress for IDX Broker WordPress plugin has the ability to automatically create a dynamic wrapper for you. To create a dynamic wrapper, make sure you have the latest version of the IMPress plugin installed.
If you don't yet have it, follow these instructions to install the IMPress for IDX plugin.

Step 1 - Settings

On your WordPress Dashboard go to IMPress and select Initial Settings to view the plugin options.


Step 2 - Create Your Dynamic Wrapper

Under the API key entry you will find the dynamic wrapper creation setting field.


Here you can specify a name for dynamic wrapper. Please keep in mind the name of your dynamic wrapper may be used in the title tag on your wrapped IDX Broker pages. After entering a name and clicking the create button you will see the space populate with your dynamic wrapper URL.

Step 3 - Assign the Wrapper

Once the wrapper is made, it goes into the IMPress Wrappers section of your Dashboard. Here you can see all of the dynamic wrappers that you have created. To use one, edit the post and select upon what page you would like to apply this wrapper.




Posts, not Pages

We use a custom post type to automatically create wrappers within WordPress. 

The Wrapper custom post type has many advantages such as:

  • Keeping wrappers separate from regular pages, thus preventing them from getting accidentally deleted.
  • Including No Index, No Follow tags so the IDX Pages are indexed, not the wrappers.
  • Can be applied directly to a specific IDX page from within WP without having to visit Middleware.
  • Has several default styles applied such as removing the post title, timestamp, and pagination for many popular themes.
  • The default wrapper simply requires a name and to hit the create button on the Initial Settings page.

For more information about the Global Wrapper see this article.

For more information about Category, Page, and Saved Link wrappers see this article.

To modify the name of this post simply return to the settings tab in the IMPress plugin options and choose the Settings tab. Edit the existing name and click update.


To make an existing page or post a wrapper, you can add a shortcode from the plugin. Just select the IDX wrapper tags to insert.


You are still able to create Dynamic Wrapper pages outside of the IMPress plugin by pasting in our start and stop HTML tags into a WordPress page or by using the [idx-wrapper-tags] shortcode.

Should you experience any issues with your Dynamic Wrapper pages please follow the wrapper troubleshooting tips before contacting support.

Note: The source page for your Dynamic Wrapper must be published and live in order for our system to recognize it and use this to wrap your IDX pages.

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