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Troubleshoot Missing Pages


Troubleshoot Missing Pages

Missing pages are the bane of any website. Sometimes they are merely an inconvenience, but if your IDX Broker pages are missing, functionality is compromised. You might find this error if you recently used the Setting Up a Custom Domain article to establish a custom domain for your IDX Broker pages.


Here are some troubleshooting steps to take if you try to access one of the IDX pages and get a 404 error that the pages cannot be found.

There are generally two reasons this can happen:


  1. The CNAME record is not setup properly.
  2. You recently added the CNAME record and it hasn’t had time to propagate.
    1. While you might see results within a few hours, it can take 24/48 hours for a new record of this type to propagate throughout the Internet.

Check CNAME Setup

To determine if the CNAME record has been setup properly, you can use a tool such as CentralOpps to check your domain records.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the full URL of your custom domain (Ex:
  1. Click Go
  2. Scroll toward the bottom to the DNS Records Section
  3. You should see the CNAME record entered with

If that is correct, you may need to wait for the CNAME record to propagate as mentioned above. If the CNAME is not correct please refer back to the Setting Up a Custom Domain Knowledgebase article and follow the steps provided.

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