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Dynamic Heading Tags

Create dynamic headings on detail pages in IDX Broker. In HTML, there are heading tags ranging from <h1> to <h6>. These indicate importance in descending order. <h1> is the most important, and typically the largest of these headings.

Search engines also pick up the content in these tags and use them to determine page order on a search. This feature has the potential to give you an SEO boost when used correctly. In a subheader, you can add liquid variables in brackets and then apply H styling to them to have them appear above the IDX Broker content.

Note: If these designations are foreign to you, please visit W3Schools for more information.

To make use of this feature, navigate to Designs-->Subheaders


From here you can select the Categories button and edit the Details page.

You are presented with an editor to add in your subheader information. In this area you can enter any information that you would like displayed, including links to images, static text, and videos.

To place dynamic attributes, you can enter the variable surrounded by double curly brackets, like this {{variable}}. Here is a list of variables that you can use:
  • Listing ID - listingID
  • Address - address
  • City - cityName
  • State - state
  • State Abbreviated - stateAbrv
  • Zipcode - zipcode
  • County - countyName
  • Price - listingPrice
  • IDX Property Type - idxPropType
  • Property Type - propType
  • Property Sub Type - propSubType
  • Display Name - displayName
  • Listing Description - remarksConcat

Once you've added in these variables, you just need to tag them as headings. Select the whole variable and assign the formatting to any of the header tags, for example Header 1 <H1>.

Now you are done. Save the changes to your subheader and view any of your details pages to see the result.

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