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Saved Link - Preferences


Saved Link - Preferences

To further customize any custom link you have saved, click Preferences in the main menu, Saved Links in the submenu, and Manage in the drop-down menu.


Choose a Saved Link that you would like to customize, and click the edit icon under the Tools column on the right.


From the edit page you can edit the saved link by hand, or change the preferences.

On the Edit Saved Link page, click the Preferences tab.


Here are several preferences available to customize this results page.

SEO Settings

  • Page Title - Create a page title for this custom results page only. This title will show up at the top of the browser window, and also in the <title> tag in the HTML source code for the page.
  • Link URL - By default the URL for your saved link is appended with the Page Title you have set. Here you can change the path of your Saved Link URL to whatever you would like.
  • Meta Tags Description - Use the radio buttons on the left to decide if you would like to use a custom meta description for this link. Use the box on the right to enter in your custom meta description. Add a description that is relevant to the listings in the results set.
  • Meta Tags Keywords - If selected, use the box on the right to enter in your custom keywords. These special meta tags for saved links allow you to provide unique meta content to each set of custom search results to both your site visitors and search engines.


Link Settings

Use these radio buttons to choose whether or not you would like this link to display on your Custom Links Showcase.

  • Link Display - Set a display name for this link. This display name will appear on your Custom Links Showcase.
  • Link Description - Set a short description for this link. This description will appear on your Custom Links Showcase.



Here you can include additional custom information that will appear at the top of the IDX content on the Saved Link page. It is a great place to give more information about the properties included in the Saved Link you are building. The controls work similar to a standard word processor. You can include headers, text, images, or even embed a youtube video. Click here for instructions on embedding a Youtube video into a Sub-header.

kb_subheader01.pngIf you would like to edit your subheader with HTML instead of using the visual interface, just click on the Turn WYSIWYG Off button.

Agent Assignment

If you have an Office Account, use this drop-down menu to assign this custom link to one of your agents. If any leads come in as a result of clicking this link, they will be assigned to the agent chosen here.


When you are finished customizing your link, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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