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How Do I Access My Google Analytics?


How Do I Access My Google Analytics?

Reviewing and understanding the analytics of your site is an important part of marketing and advertising. If you don't reach out to the correct audience, you could be wasting money on wrong campaigns. 

imFORZA sets up all our client's websites with Google Analytics so that we can track the success of all campaigns, reading inbound and outbound traffic, and much more.

An easy way to access your Analytics account is to first log into the Google account associated with your website. Most cases, the Google account will be associated with the person who set up the website with us.

Once logged into the appropriate Google account, head over to the URL and you should see a screen similar to below (hopefully with better traffic!)


A few good sections to review your traffic will be through the Behavior and Audience tabs. 

If you see a screen similar to below, this probably means that you are logged into the wrong Google account and will need to switch to a new user.


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