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Editing Leads

You can edit any information stored for each of your leads at any time. Click Leads in the main menu, Leads in the submenu, and Manage from the drop-down menu.

Manage Leads navigation

Choose a lead that you would like to edit, and click the Edit icon in the Tools column to bring you to the edit screen for that lead.

Edit Lead

On the Lead Data screen, you will see a row of tabs at the top of the screen that you can use to navigate through different areas of customizable lead information. An explanation of each tab is below.

Lead data

Traffic History

The traffic history page records what a lead visits while logged into your website. Each page that a lead views is tracked, including the date and time that they viewed the page, what the lead IP address was at the time, which page they was viewed and the "Referrer", which is the page they were looking at directly before this one.


Property Updates

When a lead receives an update email and clicks on a property link, that property information is recorded here. Property updates records each property that this lead selects in an Email Update, whether it relates to a Saved Search or a Saved Property.


Saved Properties

This page displays all the properties that this lead has saved or that you have saved for them. From this information you can glean the type of properties preferred by this lead. You can also Add or Edit their Saved Properties from this screen. Here are more detailed instructions on how to manage Saved Properties for leads.


Saved Searches

This page displays all the searches that this lead has saved or that you have saved for them. Saved searches can give you an idea of what type of listings your lead is searching. You can also Add or Edit your lead's saved searches. Here is more information on how to manage Saved Searches for your leads.


Edit Lead

The Edit Lead tab allows you to edit your lead's contact information and general settings. To update any contact details for this lead just update the information in these fields and click Save Changes when you are done. For more information about the lead's Account Settings section see this article.



Actions that the lead takes in their account, or actions you take for them, are logged in the Notes page. Lead notes can include entries when the lead has saved a search or a property. You can also add your own notes by clicking Add/Edit Notes button at the bottom of the table.

Edit Notes

You can use notes to keep a record of the dates and times that you have corresponded with a lead, or any additional information you would like to track.

In the Lead Notes screen you can see additional information, like whether the note was made by the IDX System or one of the users of the account. You can alsoEdit or Delete existing notes by using the icons in the Tools column.

Lead notes

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