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Widget - Lead Signup


Widget - Lead Signup

This article focuses on a IDX Broker Platinum-only feature.

The Lead Signup Widget provides you with an easy way to embed a Signup form for your leads into your website navigation or sidebar. As additional fields are added to your lead registration settings, you can also use this as a contact form.
To generate a Lead Signup Widget, click Designs from the main menu, Widgets from the submenu, and Create from the drop-down menu.


widget navigation

Step 1 - Choose a widget to create

Select Lead Signup from the drop-down menu.

Select Signup

Step 2 - Name your widget

Name your widget something appropriate. This name will not be shown on your website to your visitors, but it will help you keep your widgets list organized, especially if you make more than one Lead Signup widget.

Widget Name

Step 3 - Get the code

This step displays your Lead Signup widget code. Simply copy the code displayed here, and paste it into the HTML of the webpage where you would like it to appear. For WordPress users, you can paste this code into a blank "Text Widget", or use the IDX Broker plugin to add shortcodes.

Widget code

From here you can use the buttons at the bottom to Preview your Widget, go Back to Widgets List, or Create Another Widget.

A note about multiple instances: As with all widgets, if you intend to use this widget in more than one location on your website (for instance both in the sidebar and in the main body) you should create a second widget of the same type for the secondary location. Using the same widget instance more than once on the same page can cause display errors. 

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