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Basic IDX Broker Links


Basic IDX Broker Links

Links to your IDX pages are found in your IDX control panel under Designs -> Pages. Here, you will find a list of all of the IDX pages available for you to add to your website. These pages include Search Pages, Listing Pages, Contact Pages, and Lead Signup and Login pages.

To add a page to your website, the best method is to simply copy the URL for the page you would like to add from the Control Panel, and paste it into your website navigation as a link. You can easily get the URL for any of your IDX pages by clicking on Link under the Get Code column. 

If you want to add a link to your IDX Search page with HTML, take the URL provided in the Pages section (e.g.,, and plug it into the HTML script below. This script will create an "href" or 'link' to your IDX search page:

<a href="PASTE URL HERE">Property Search</a>

Example: <a href=" ">Property Search Search</a>

Note: The beginning of the example is where the link is located. The "a href" tag tells the web browser to create a hyperlink to the URL in quotes. The "Property Search" text is the anchor, or text for the link. The </a> tag tells the browser to end the link there.

Use this method to add standard IDX Page links or Saved links to your navigation, sidebar, or footer.


If you are framing your IDX tools into your site, your iframe code would look something like this:

<iframe src="PASTE URL HERE" width="600" height="800"></iframe>

Example: <iframe src="" width="600" height="600"></iframe>


The Pages section of your IDX Control Panel provides many additional customization options for your IDX pages. To learn more about the customization options available, please take a look at our additional Knowledge Base articles on the following topics:

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