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Manage Account Type


Manage Account Type

Where to Find the Upgrade Center

To upgrade your account, click Account in the main menu and Upgrade Center in the submenu.

Upgrade navigation

Here you can choose whether to change your Account Type, or the amount of users in your Account Level.

Account manage

When you select the upgrade path that you would like to take, the page will show you your current account settings and the available options. These descriptions will help you to choose the most appropriate account type to meet your needs.

Upgrade Account Type

Below the type descriptions are the Terms and Conditions to which you will agree when you change your account type.

Note: You may pay a prorated charge if you upgrade prior to your next billing cycle.

This will add a prorated amount equal to the days remaining on your current cycle, in addition to a new monthly charge. This amount will be applied on your next billing date. If you choose to downgrade your account prior to the next billing cycle, you may have a prorated credit applied to your account on your next billing date.

Lastly, and most importantly:

Change Account Type

  1. Select the account type to which you would like to upgrade.
  2. Click the check-box to agree to the new charges.
  3. Click Submit Now.


Congratulations, it's complete. Enjoy your new account type.

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