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Thank You Page Preferences


Thank You Page Preferences

After a lead fills out one of your IDX sign up forms, they will see a Thank You page. There are several options you can use to customize the Thank You page. ClickLeads in the main menu and Lead Registration Preferences in the submenu.

Registration Navigation

Make sure the toggle switch in the upper left hand corner of the page is set to Advanced, then click the Thank You Page tab.

Thanks Advanced

Account Verification

After your leads sign up for a My Listing Manager account, they will have to verify their email address in order to receive any Email Updates about the properties or searches they may save. They will be automatically sent a verification code to the email they provided. If you wish, you can specify this verification code to have anexpiration date here.


If a lead does not verify their email, they will not receive updates, but they will still be able to log in to their My Listing Manager account. If they do not verify their email within your specified number of days the first code they were sent will expire. However, inside their My Listing Manager account there is a link to have a new code emailed to them so they can verify and start receiving updates.


Header Message

This is the message that displays at the top of the Thank You page thanking the site visitor for registering. By default this page will display the following generic message:

 Thank you for registering! You will receive an email confirmation at the address you provided shortly. 

Instead of displaying this default message, you can display your own custom message. Just click the radio button over to Custom, and enter in your custom message into the box provided below. This box has many formatting options similar to a word processor. You can even insert linked pictures with the Insert/edit image icon:

Edit Header


After your site visitor signs up as a lead and sees the Thank You page, they will then be redirected to the IDX page they were trying to view when they were prompted to register. Here you can choose to redirect your leads automatically after a certain number of seconds, or only after they click a link on the page. Use the radio buttons here to decide if you would like your leads to redirect on a click or automatically. If you choose Auto Redirect, use the box provided to specify thenumber of seconds the lead will view the Thank You page, before they are redirected. 



If you are using a service that can track lead conversions and you are prompted to "add conversion tracking code to your Thank You page", you can add this here.


Simply paste the tracking code provided by your service into this box. We have tried and tested Google Conversion tracking code here. While other trackers may work, we cannot guarantee their performance. More information about Google Conversion Tracking.

 Tracking Code

After you are finished customizing your options, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

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