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Getting Started

For those of you new to IDX Broker, we have put together a brief Getting Started Guide, that will help you get up and running quickly with your IDX tools!

Choosing Your Tools

The first thing you will want to do is add your IDX pages to your website. Login to IDX Broker and go to Designs -> Pages.

Here are standard Pages that come with your IDX account. These include search pages, listing pages, contact pages, etc. Click on some of these links and have a look at the pages. (Tip: Try opening them in new tabs or windows, so you still have your list of page links open.) You can pick and choose which pages you would like to add to your website. Most real estate websites will add at least a search page and the Featured Properties link.

To add IDX pages to your website, simply copy the URLs for the pages you would like to display, and paste them into the navigation or menu on your site. Your pages have already been set up with a Global Wrapper which matches your IDX pages to your own webpages, creating a seamless experience for site visitors. For most websites, the HTML code to display a link will look something like this: <a href="">Search for Homes</a>

Creating New Links

One of the first things that many clients like to do is set up Saved Searches, to provide pre-defined results from neighborhoods or condos or foreclosures, etc. Here you can find instructions for setting up those Saved Links.

Add Widgets

Look at the items available under Designs->Widgets (manage) in your control panel and pick out any Showcases, Slideshows, or Quick Search forms you would like to add to your website. Configure each widget as you see fit with the options available. Copy and paste the code for each widget you would like to use into the HTML on your website.

Update Your Global Wrapper

Once you have added your IDX Pages to your website, your Global Wrapper will need to be updated to match. Your Global Wrapper is stored in your IDX control panel under Designs -> Wrappers. If you are familiar with HTML, you can feel free to update the wrapper at any time. If you are working with a web designer, they can update your Global Wrapper for you. You can also request a complimentary wrapper update up to twice a year from the IDX Support Team by sending an email to

And You’re done!

That’s really all there is to getting started with IDX Broker. There are a wealth of other tools and options available in your control panel, but once you've added your Pages to your website, you've made the primary benefits of IDX available to your website visitors. Please take the time to explore the different options and features available in IDX Broker, such as custom search pages, widgets, lead capture, managing listings, mobile pages, and dozens of other great features. Help is always just an email away at


If you want to go an extra step or two, you can:
  • Customize your Lead Registration Preferences under Leads -> Lead Registration Preferences to determine when you would like your site visitors to be prompted to submit their contact information to your account.
  • Create Custom Search Lists under Preferences ->City/County/Postal Code Lists. Determine which cities, counties and postal codes you want to display on your search pages.
  • Check your Sold & Pending Listings under Listings -> Sold & Pending. Update the status of any listings recently added to this list.
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