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Creating & Managing Widgets


Creating & Managing Widgets

Every IDX Broker account includes several widgets you can use to place IDX content on any webpage. A widget is a snippet of code that is generated from inside your IDX Control Panel. This code can then be copied and pasted into a webpage. The widget will be displayed exactly where you place that code. Widgets are found in your IDX account by clicking Designs in the main menu, and Widgets in the submenu.



See the articles linked here for information about creating the different kinds of widgets:


Any widgets that you create are automatically saved in your Control Panel in the Manage section under Widgets. You will see a list of all widgets you have saved in your account. From here you can edit, preview, or remove existing widgets.kb_createWidget02.png

  • Use theicon_edit.png Edit icon to change details about this widget, like the search criteria used, the size or custom CSS.
  • Use the icon_preview2.pngPreview icon to open your widget in a new browser tab or window so you can see what the final version will look like on your website.
  • Use the icon_code.pngView Code icon  to view the widget code you will need to copy and paste onto your website.
  • Use the icon_trashcan.pngTrash icon to delete a single widget from the list.

If you need to delete multiple items at once, click the checkboxes to the left of each widget's name, and then click the Delete link at the bottom of the screen.kb_createWidget03.png

To rename a widget, either double-click the widget's name or click the Edit icon that appears to the right of the name when you hover your mouse over it. Type a new name for you widget in the text box that appears and then press Enter to save it.kb_createWidget04.png

Searching and Filtering

You can Search for any widget by name using the search box on the top-right of the list of widgets.

If you have a large number of saved widgets, you can use Filter Widgets feature. Click the link at the top of the screen, and a drop-down menu will appear. Select the type of widget for which you are searching and click Apply. Your list will now display only widgets of the type you selected.



What if my widget content doesn't show up? 

  • Double check that there are results for the criteria that you've chosen. If there are no results, the widget will not show up.
  • Does your site have SSL? IDX Broker content is standard HTTP and may cause mixed content errors, which will block the IDX Broker widget content.
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