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My business is not listed! Can you add it?


My business is not listed! Can you add it?

In short: no, we can't, unfortunately.

All the business types listed in the Local SEO plugin, are taken from the website. is a collaboration between the four big search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yandex and Bing). They are the ones that add business types to that list, so unfortunately, we can't add them ourselves. If you want to check the list on, just go here: All the types that are in the list of our Local SEO plugin, are subtypes of Local Business. Or, of course, they're subtypes of subtypes of Local Business. For instance, Professional Service has sublistings of its own.

Note: we check the website and update if there are any changes. So keep an eye on that list!

Lastly, if your business isn't listed, you should just go with the top item, which is Local Business.


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