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Enable Demographics and Interest reports in Google Analytics


Enable Demographics and Interest reports in Google Analytics

Our  Google Analytics plugin now supports Universal Analytics. This means you'll also have the extra benefit of the Demographics and Interest reports. The Demographics and Interest reports are only available if you're using Universal Analytics. If you're still on classic analytics, but you want to use the Demographics and Interest reports, you'll have to switch over to Universal Analytics.

To be able to use your demographics and interests reports in Google Analytics, you'll first have to enable this feature in Google Analytics itself. Follow these steps:

Log into your Google Analytics account, select the right property and make sure you're in the Reporting tab.
Once there, go to Audience > Demographics > Overview.
There, you'll be able to enable the Demographics and Interest reports:
The tracking code won't validate yet, since you need to check this box in our Google Analytics by Yoast plugin first (after you've done that, it can still take 48 hours before the code will validate):
You're all set! Again, as mentioned, it might take 48 hours for the tracking code to validate.


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