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Changing Company or Domain


Changing Company or Domain

On the Account Info page, there is a blue box under the heading "Primary Account Info".  This box notes that all company and domain changes should come through our MLS department. Contact them by emailing

primary account info

  • Will I need to complete new paperwork for a company change?  Yes.  All MLS boards require an updated agreement for a company change.  By emailing that information, the MLS Coordinators can easily reply with the proper instructions.
  • Will I need to complete new paperwork for a domain change?  Not always, often the MLS Coordinators only need to confirm with the MLS via email.  
  • Why do I need to email these changes?  For a domain change, we want the correct spelling, which is easiest when written.  And if an agreement is necessary, the instructions can be sent with our reply.
  • How long will processing and approval take?  It takes about as long as it took to get approved initially if there is paperwork involved. Sending the MLS Coordinators an email as early as possible, or calling in to discuss the timeline will ensure a smoother process.
  • Are all the MLS boards the same?  No.  They all do things their own way, which is why we encourage questions and prior-planning.


Once the client completes paperwork, or the MLS Coordinators email for confirmation, we await approval for any company or domain changes.

  • What if there are multiple data feeds in the account?  We need to receive approval from ALL boards before we can make the change.
  • Can I speed up the approval process?  Yes, we can copy the client on any email request, and if paperwork is required, the client can use our paperwork submission confirmation email to follow up with the MLS him/herself, using that membership clout to nudge the MLS to approve more quickly.  This helps A LOT when there are multiple data feeds involved.


When we receive approval, we make the change on our end, and notify you.

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