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Where can I find the Custom Dimension reports?


Where can I find the Custom Dimension reports?

After you've  created your Custom Dimensions using our Google Analytics by Yoast Premium plugin, you'll of course want to start using this amazing data! However, the Custom Dimensions are quite hidden within the Google Analytics interface. You can actually find your Custom Dimensions in two ways. We'll explain here how you can find them:

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Custom Dimension Reports

An overview of the last month is included in our plugin. The following steps help you see customized reports using the custom dimensions directly in Google Analytics.

The first thing you'll need to do, is actually move out of the "Reporting" tab and into the Customization tab:
You can now click the "+ New Custom Report" button, which will give you this view:
You can name your Custom Report here and select a Metric for which you want to see your Custom Dimensions:
Tip: A good place to start for your metric is the "Pageviews" metric.
After that, select the Custom Dimension you want to see for your metric:
All you have to do now is make sure the right view is selected or select "All views associated with this account" and hit Save:
You're done! After you've hit the Save button you'll be taken to your very own Custom Dimensions Report!

Custom Dimensions as a Secondary dimension

You can also find the Custom Dimensions in the Reporting tab, just not as a primary dimension. In the reporting tab, you can always only select your Custom Dimensions from the "Secondary dimension" dropdown:
Select the Custom Dimension you want to view here, and that's it!

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