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Import Agents in Office


Import Agents in Office

Instead of manually adding agents to your Office Account one at a time, you can import a large batch of them into your account. To import agents, click Users in the main menu, Agents in the submenu, and Import in the dropdown menu.

Agent navigation

Here, you will see a screen with IDX Broker Platinum's Agent Import tool This tool will use available MLS data to create agents in your account. Because the data received from each MLS varies, the amount of data imported will also vary. To get started, click the Show Available Agents button. If you would like to view agents with no active listings, make sure you check the Include Inactive Agents? checkbox.

import agent

You should now see a list of agents associated with your office ID. Simply check the boxes next to the names of each agent you would like to import into your account and click Import Selected Agents. A message will appear above this list letting you know how many roster slots you still have available on your account. If you don't have enough slots left, you can upgrade your account using the Upgrade Center.

agent slots

Your imported agents will now be included in your Manage Agents table. From here, you can add bio information, a photo, MLS ID's, etc. For more information on how to manage and add content for your agents, please see this article.

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