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Global Preferences - Search


Global Preferences - Search

This article describes global preferences for your search pages, including:


To set up some of the default behaviors for your IDX search forms, select the Preferences-> Global Preferences, and the Search tab.

global preferences navigation


Your options here include:

Customization - Default is "Show Additional Filter Options".

  • This option will include the checkboxes in your search pages for Has Image, Has Virtual Tour, and Has Open House.
  • If you wish to never have these as options on any of your Search Pages, deselect "Show Media Refinement".
  • Note: You can also hide any of these options individually and on a page by page basis by using the Page Preferences (Designs --> Pages --> 'Edit' in the Preferences column for any search page).

Searchable Location Types - Default is ALL selected.

  • This option will let you permanently hide any of the lists for City, County, or Postal Code.
  • By deselecting any of these boxes, your customers will not ever be able to search by those options.

Loading Screen - Default is ALL selected.

  • After visitors run a search, results can sometimes take a moment to load. You can choose to display the loading screen: an icon along with the message "Loading..." while results pages load.
  • Also you can include your logo on this loading screen. Upload your logo under Preferences --> Global Preferences --> Other. See this article for more instructions.

New Search Link - Default is "IDX System".

  • Results and details pages include a "New Search" link allowing the visitor to get back to the search form they just used and start over. Most accounts should leave "IDX System" selected. Advanced developers who have created a custom search form and integrated it with their IDX account using the IDX Broker API can select Custom and paste in the URL where their custom search form is hosted.

Default Search Page - Default is "Advanced Search".

  • This is the page to which the base IDX Broker subdomain will point.
  • If you are using the standard domain, your will point to the chosen search page.


  • Append state to city list - Default is No.
    • Select Yes to add the State name to your City list
  • Append state to county list - Default is No.
    • Select Yes to add the State name to your County list
  • Search Page Links -  Default is Advanced Search; Listing ID; Address; Map Search
    • This is where you can create the row of links that appears at the top of your IDX search pages for quick navigation between your different Search pages.
    • You can add in any search pages available in your account.
    • Click on the Add All Search Pages button to add in all your present Search Page options.
    • You can refine or re-order these pages by clicking the "X" to remove an option and dragging the others into order.



Default Minimum Price / Default Maximum Price - Default is Min Price: $200,000 ; Max Price: $800,000.

  • In these two boxes you can set the global default minimum and maximum price that will appear on your Search Pages.
  • Override these defaults on a page level by using the Page Preferences (Designs --> Pages --> 'Edit' in the Preferences column for any page and selecting the 'Search Setup tab').

In IDX Broker Platinum, you can also set the default prices for individual property types.



Once you've set your preferences as desired, select Save Changes.


Watch this video for a walkthrough of the Search Page settings in your Global Preferences:


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