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IMPress Listings - Managing Taxonomies


IMPress Listings - Managing Taxonomies

How to Add a Property Type

  1. Click on Listings on left hand side (Plugin)
  2. Scroll through properties on right side you’ll see Tags column.
  3. Click on edit property. Or click top if wanted to create new listing.
  4. On right hand side of edit or create listing page there is box for Property Types.
  5. Use one of the selected properties or ADD NEW PROPERTY TYPE
  6. Click Add new Property Type
  7. Once clicked you should see this (below)
    1. Adding Property Type
  8. Fill out details, click Add New Property Type.
  9. Will be added to box above, as new Property Type.
  10. Add as many as needed.  

    How to Delete a Property Type

  11. On Listing tab on left hand side, click Property Types

  12. At Property Types edit page, on right hand side where Property Types are shown, there is option at top saying “Bulk Actions” - Click this , Switch to Delete
    1. Switch to Delete
  13. Click Apply
  14. Screen should look like this
    1. Deleting Property Type

How to view properties specific to that type via WordPress Admin Panel

  1. One way to do this is via Property type tab. This tab is connecting to Property/Listing Tab on left hand side.
  2. Once on Property Types Admin Edit page, look towards right.
    1. Property Types Admin Edit Page
  3. Now Click on Count based off of what Property Type you are searching for. For Example - 24h On-Site Security...
    1. Click Count Number
  4. If looking for specific Property Type they should all appear here.
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