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IMPress Listings - Adding Photos


IMPress Listings - Adding Photos

Create and Insert a Gallery

When editing or creating a Listing in the WP Listing page scroll down until you see Photo Gallery (Use Add Media button to insert Gallery):

You should see this (below):

Photo Gallery Embed

Click on the Add Media button

On left hand side click on Create Gallery

If the photos have already been uploaded you can choose them from the Media Library, by clicking on the image, a check will appear showing its been adding to the gallery. If you are uploading new images simply click on the Upload Files tab, and drag your images onto the upload area.

Upload, Media Library

If on Media Library Tab you can see the photos just uploaded to this listing by clicking on theImages tab right below the

Media Library tab. After this switch tab to Uploaded to this Post.

Uploaded to this Post

Insert any data needed on the right hand side of screen, and when finished click Create a new Gallery.

Create a new gallery

After clicked images will remain on the right hand side.

Look towards the right ride of images you should see Gallery Setting

Gallery Settings

Gallery Settings

Link to - tells where you want to direct user after clicking site.

Attachment Page - is a additional page that image will be on.

Columns - How many columns do you want in your gallery. If you have 12 images 3 or 4 columns would be a good idea.

Random Order - checking this box randomizes the images and where they show up in the gallery.

Size - this option allows you to set the size of the gallery images based off of pre-defined sizes.

Once finished

cClick Insert Gallery

Click Insert Gallery

Add a Featured Image

A featured image represent the contents, mood, or theme of a post or page

On edit, or create new listing page locate Featured Image on right hand side.

Featured Image

Scroll down and it should appear on right hand side.

Click Set featured Image You can also remove a featured if already have one that needs to be deleted or changed.

New screen should look like this

Set Feature Image

Screen prompts you to two tab options either Upload Files or Media Library

Upload Files or Media Library Tab

If you already have a file uploaded use Media Library tab

To help find Media select Images or All Dates Tab and specify what you are looking for.

Looking for Medial File

Edit any information on right hand side. Make sure all data inputs are relatable to image and page,post,etc.

Then Select Set Featured Image

Set Featured Image

Update or Change a Featured Image

Click on Listings, click on edit for the listing

Click on "Remove Featured Image" on bottom right as you scroll down

Then Click on "Set Featured Image"

This will open the media gallery showing all photos. At the top left under the tabs you will see a dropdown, choose "Uploaded to this post". Now only images associated with the listing should be displayed.

Click on the image you want to use for your featured image.

Click on the "Set featured image" button

Now click on "Update" for the listings to save all your changes.

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