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Troubleshooting Notifications


Troubleshooting Notifications

  1. Version of WordPress and Gravity Forms
  2. Install the logging add-on
  3. Plugin/Theme Conflict
  4. Switch to SMTP Sending of Notifications
  5. Contacting Your Web Host
  6. Understanding E-mail Reliability

Gravity Forms uses WordPress' built-in sendmail (wp-mail.php) to send its e-mail notifications. If you are having trouble sending or receiving Notifications, please try the following steps.

Version of WordPress and Gravity Forms

Please make sure before trying anything else that you have the latest version of WordPress and Gravity Forms installed. This will quickly reduce the number of potentially already solved conflicts and issues that might be contributing to your issue. See our knowledgebase article about the importance of updates for more detail about why you should keep your site updated.

Install the logging add-on

To see how the notifications are being processed and if any issues are occurring you can install and test with the logging add-on.

Plugin/Theme Conflict

Sometimes other plugins or themes create issues that stop notifications from working. Please go through the following instructions to test for a Plugin or Theme conflict.

Testing for a Theme/Plugin Conflict

Switch to SMTP Sending of Notifications

Sometimes, due to server settings or e-mail reliability issues, using PHP sendmail does not work. Switching to SMTP can be more reliable and solve many issues.

There are a number of SMTP plugins for WordPress. You will need to install one of the following and set it up using the details given to you by your web host or third party SMTP host.

Contacting Your Web Host

If there wasn't a plugin or theme conflict, and SMTP isn't working for you, then you will want to contact your web host and have them look at the server logs to check to see if there are any errors being written.

Often they will see if things are being blocked, by them on purpose or due to some server misconfiguration issues.

Understanding E-mail Reliability

There are a huge number of potential issues that can lead to your notifications not being sent or received, and as such, if you've gotten to this point, you are most likely experiencing an issue that is less common and will require the support of your server administrator to solve.

Joost de Valk has written a great summary of why there can be so many issues in e-mail reliability that we hope you will find as a good guide to help you understand the factors at play, and hopefully come to an acceptable solution for any issue you may be experiencing.

Email Reliability: use an SPF record

There are also issues with notifications being received when using an email in the domain of Yahoo or AOL in the from address. This isn't due to an issue with Gravity Forms or your server, it is due to how these providers have configured their domains DMARC records. For more information on the Yahoo domain issue visit here. For more info on the AOL domain issue visit here.

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